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Price alerts - 14 May 2008

MuscleTech Gakic (128 Caplets) has been discontinued by some of the major retailers, notably BulkNutrition, DiscountAnabolics, and AffordableSupplements.  World Class Nutrition has elected to continue to stock it, but has increased the price of the 544 g version by a whopping $11 to $58.99.  If you want Gakic, buy it from NetNutri instead for huge savings.

We see Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard prices increasing in a couple of retailers, but most notably AffordableSupplements where the 10 lb version has gone up from $79.99 to $83.99.  Much better to buy that from A1Supplements for $75.95, if that's the only thing you're buying.

Remember DiscountAnabolics' announcement for their new low prices on BSN products?  Well, they've increased their BSN prices across the board, to match the best price out of the other retailers.  They're still a good deal, but not as great as before.  However, they're no longer competitive for Syntha-6, whereas they were before.  To balance this, they have at least reduced their prices on Muscle Asylum Project products by a few bucks.

A notable price change by Zupplements is their reduction of Gaspari Nutrition PlasmaJet by $7 to $38.80, making them the cheapest supplier for that product by a significant amount.

Finally, NetNutri, which had an unbelievable price on Universal Nutrition Animal Test, decided to raise its price to $56.95, which is still the lowest price.

Price alerts - 27 August 2008

At most of the retailers, VPX Sports NO Shotgun has been replaced with VPX Sports NO Shotgun V3.

Whey protein prices continue to climb, albeit slowly.  Cytosport Complete Whey Protein prices went up at, at AllStarHealth, which had an almost unbelievable price on the 5 lb size, of $32.50, and also at NetNutri, which had it at $33.95.  Muscle Milk (Light) prices have gone up at several retailers too.  AffordableSupplements increased the price of Scivation Whey (10 lb) from $69.99 to a whopping $84.95.

Whereas the prices of Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Protein Stack have gone up at several stores, World Class Nutrition has actually decreased its price drastically.  DiscountAnabolics still has easily the best price on this product however, on---get this---the 60 packets size!  (And that's when AllStarHealth has increased its price significantly on the 60 packets format.)

Still on the topic of protein, it is notable that World Class Nutrition has significantly reduced its prices for IDS Multi-pro Whey Isolate.

We see prices of BSN products on the increase across most of the retailers, generally by a few dollars.  One exception is World Class Nutrition, which increased the price of Cellmass (1.41 lb) from $29.99 all the way to $39.99.

IBE Epistane and RPN Havoc prices have fallen at, BulkNutrition, and DiscountAnabolics.

The price of MuscleTech Anator-p70 has also come down at A1Supplements, Netrition, and especially AllStarHealth, where it is down to $41.50.  On the subject of MuscleTech, AllStarHealth has reduced its prices for several products of this brand quite substantially.  World Class Nutrition cut the naNO Vapor (2.2 lb) price from $59.99 all the way down to $36.50 (but AllStarHealth's price is still better).

At A1Supplements, BulkNutrition, and DiscountAnabolics, most Universal Nutrition products have increased a dollar or two, except for Animal Test (21 Packs), where the price has generally come down.  NetNutri lost its fantastic prices on Real Gains when it increased the 3.8 lb price from $14.95 to $19.99, and the 6.85 lb price from $29.95 to $38.99.

Scivation Xtend prices have come down, especially at BulkNutrition (from $50.99 to $42.99) and at AffordableSupplements (a similar decrease).

If you like Athletic Edge Nutrition IntrAbolic or IntraXCell, you will be glad to know that A1Supplements has dropped its prices on both.

USP Labs P-Slin and Recreate prices have been curtailed significantly at Zupplements.

Here are some other significant price movements and product changes (price decreases are highlighted):

  • MRI CE2 Platinum (180 Capsules) $64.99 -> $49.99 (
  • Labrada Nutrition Super Charge (700 g) $39.95 -> $32.95 (A1Supplements)
  • Omega Sports Power Jolt has been discontinued (
  • Alpha-GPC (450 g) $194.99 -> $139.99 (BulkNutrition, AffordableSupplements)
  • Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump 250 (800 g) $38.95 -> $31.95 (BulkNutrition)
  • Gaspari Nutrition Thermogenic Thyrotabs (90 Tablets) has been discontinued. (BulkNutrition)
  • Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump 250 (800 g) $39.95 -> $34.95 (AffordableSupplements)
  • iForce Nutrition 1,4 AD Bold (60 Capsules (100 mg)) has been discontinued. (N101, Zupplements)
  • Labrada Nutrition Super Charge has been replaced by Super Charge Xtreme NO. (N101)
  • MuscleTech Leukic has been replaced by Leukic Hardcore. (N101)
  • Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard (10 lb) $91.89 -> $95.19 (N101)
  • Controlled Labs Purple Wraath (2.39 lb) $59.99 -> $49.99 (World Class Nutrition)
  • IDS Smart Gainer (10 lb) $44.99 -> $38.99 (World Class Nutrition)
  • Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex (2.2 lb) $27.99 -> $31.99 (NetNutri)
  • Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex (4.4 lb) $49.99 -> $55.99 (NetNutri)